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The World Health Organisation has declared Covid-19 as a pandemic and Australian government focusing more on isolation to contain the spread of virus is the time where a telehealth platform like UrbanDoc is vital

UrbanDoc responds to the global pandemic with Bulk Billing* Tele Consults through our apps. We offer access to Australian Registered General Practitioners from anywhere anytime. During this outbreak reduce your exposure to the virus and if you’re worried about your current medical condition, request a tele consult from the comfort of your home to get medical advise, scripts or medical certificates.
*Due to recent Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, tele health services are now medicare rebatable for eligible patients. Patients credit card will be charged and the tax receipt can be used to claim the money back from medicare.
UrbanDoc Mobile App has been around for more than two years and we have more than 60 doctors who are active to provide service anytime, anywhere makes us the number one telehealth platform in Australia.
The UrbanDoc app enables the public to have access to doctors 24X7 without leaving their homes. The app also provides doctors the benefit of flexible working hours from anywhere, even when they are isolated.
Above are just a few benefits of this telehealth Platform.
UrbanDoc is a tech startup company in the City of Ipswich, Queensland, which already finds it way to 100’s of users within a short span and its emerging day by day.
The APP is available on App store and Google Play for free.

Thank you for using UrbanDoc services.
Out with the old, in with the new: may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year!


Please keep your UrbanDoc apps up to date as we update the app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you.
Here are the couple of enhancements you’ll find in the latest update:
* Medical Certificate date issue fixed
*Minor Bug Fixes
*Performance Updates



UrbanDoc provides access to medical services via the use of mobile apps. You can request for a home visit, phone or video consultation, scripts, referrals and medical certificates via your app. This will then trigger a message to the doctor of your choice or the doctor nearest and immediately available to you who can provide the service. This is a secure on demand service with minimal waiting period.

Fast and Easy way of requesting a Medical Certificate. Instantly Delivered to your Email. No more waiting for appointments in the medical centres with sick patients. Fee starts from $20.00.
Services: Tele Consultations, Medical Certificates, Prescriptions and Referral Letters

Doctorpreneurs of Doctology is pleased this week to showcase an interview with Dr Sudeer Mahadeo.

Sudeer Mahadeo has been practicing as a GP for 13 years and has been a doctor for 20 years.He is a Co- Founder of UrbanDoc. He is known for his limitless energy levels and his quick thinking. His moto is small steps right direction.

What organisation / startup did you found?

We have started up UrbanDoc which is a digital platform for connecting Doctors and patients in real time and facilitating medical intervention using various aspects of telecommunication- Facetime, Skype, Text and information templates.

What is its noble purpose?

1. To make healthcare accessible to all even in remote areas or when people are overseas.

2. To expedite the provision of health care

3. To facilitate provision of healthcare services to individuals who are time poor, which is most of us these days, Mums, Dads, busy company executives.

Tell me about the first 10 years of your life.

I grew up in South Africa during apartheid years and obviously accessibility to health care was difficult to say the least. Hence my desire to find ways to provide health care to rural and remote areas using available technology.

What age were you when you had your first paying job? What was it?

Stacking shelves in a supermarket at age 12.

What made you want to be a Doctor and what speciality did you choose?

I am very social and like getting to know people. Interacting in a professional setting facilitates transcendence of general social stereotypes like race, language, religion etc.

If you are a doctor people see you as a doctor and it fascinating that people are much more alike than different. I chose General Practice as this lends itself to variety.

What made you want to be an Entrepreneur? When exactly did you decide?

Tough Question. I have always tried to work to my capacity and as a GP you can’t help but think that there must be a more efficient way of providing some of our services and getting our expertise to a broader rural and remote audience. hence the idea for UrbanDoc.

Are you still practicing as a Doctor now? If yes do you intend to stop if your organisation takes off?

Yes, I still practice, and No I don’t intend to stop.




UrbanDoc is a service-based business venture, patented by UrbanDoc Technologies PTY LTD. “UberDoc” is renamed to “UrbanDoc” in September 2018. The company aims to launch its initial service in Brisbane by June 2018, later expanding the services to Gold Coast by August 2018 and eventually by 2020 achieving a nationwide distribution of UrbanDoc services.

UrbanDoc is a fresh concept within the healthcare sector and has the potential to revolutionize health service delivery in Australia. It will help reduce the growing workload on medical practitioners and reduce waiting periods for consumers by helping overcome the geographic and demographic boundaries surrounding the health care system and its services.

Patented by UrbanDoctor Technologies. Copyright UrbanDoc 2017-2019. All rights reserved.