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How do I deliver referral letter to a patient

UrbanDoc will provide template with doctors name and
provider number. The doctor will electronically sign the referral letter which
will emailed to the service user.

How do I send script after Telephone consult

UrbanDoc providers electronic prescription with prescriber number emailed to the client.
UrbanDoc is in consultation with pharma providers to provide home delivery for patient convenience.

How can I do video consultation?

Doctors can provide Skype/FaceTime consultations, a link for which will be provided
in the app

How can doctors get paid?

UrbanDoc charges patient’s credit card for the fees for service.
Later, 80% of the billing is transferred directly to the doctors bank account

How Bulk billing works with UrbanDoc?

If Doctor chooses to Bulk-bill, the doctor can charge Medicare rebate fees for the service. The client can then redeem medicare rebate at a medicare outlet or via medicare express app.

Explain how the app works?

Once registered with UrbanDoc,you can login to see available request from Patients, if you want to provide service to any patient you can click on the request.
A notification will be sent to that patient with your charge. If patient accepts the price,
an instant connection will be made between Doctor and patient. Once you provide your service, the patient’s Credit card will be charged and receipt is generated and sent to patient. 80% of that money is credited to your preferred Bank Account

Eligibility to Use UrbanDoc for Doctors

UrbanDoc allows you to work anytime, anywhere. This does require that you are current legally registered medical practitioner. Home visits are not covered by geographical restrictions imposed by medicare so these patients are also eligible for a medicare rebate if you have a valid provider number otherwise you have the option of privately billing. This is made clear to the patient via the fee estimate feature on the app.

Can Doctors Set Fees?

With the fee estimate feature the doctor sets a fee they see reasonable and the consumer then clicks the accept or decline icon making billings transparent. However more importantly the doctor doesn’t have to discuss money with the patient as transfer of payments occur electronically

Does Working for UrbanDoc Affect My Current Working Contracts

UrbanDoc does not have any contracts for doctors. As an UrbanDoc you work whenever, wherever. You can are not obligated to work any specific times or directed by UrbanDoc when and how to run YOUR practice. We just provide the platform to run your service.

More Questions?

If you have any more queries please email us on ‘info@urban-doc.com’ or call us +61732811183 and we will be able to answer them.

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